Eyestrain, a matter of height

That’s right, all the statistics and data suggested that presbyopia was detected earlier in women than in men and the tendency was to think that perhaps the woman’s eye was anatomically different from that of the man or had a different ability to focus, Well, the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual, publishes a study that clarifies this enigma with a simple conclusion.

In presbyopia or eyestrain, the blur is greater depending on the distance, worsening the closer you have to focus and that is why people of smaller stature will have a habit of reading with a shorter distance and therefore, they will notice before the symptoms.

The theory that does not vary in this study is age, the appearance of presbyopia will be approximately around 40-45 years, due to the loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens, the natural lens of the eye that is responsible for focusing objects depending on of the distance to which they are.

With age, the lens loses elasticity and ability to focus, resulting in tired eyesight.

It is good, because accustoming minors to maintain a correct reading or writing distance that is at least between 35-40 cm between the eyes and the book, it will not be a preventive solution but it will help to delay the symptoms.