Do we know the symptoms of eyestrain? What is really eyestrain? There are many, many questions we can have on this topic. Eyestrain (also known as presbyopia) is difficulty focusing on nearby objects. This is caused mainly by the loss of elasticity suffered by the lens of each one due to age. From 40-45 years, different symptoms appear that can confirm that we suffer from tired eyesight.

It should be borne in mind that it is a situation that the majority of the population passes through from the age of 40. You’ll probably wonder what the symptoms are to identify this fatigue in our vision. The symptoms that may alert us to the beginning of tired eyesight are as follows:

  • Need to zoom out objectsto see them better.
  • Feeling out of lightwhen reading.
  • Headache.
  • Visual fatigue.

It should be noted and keep in mind that these symptoms do not start to notice suddenly but arise very progressively. In addition, they increase with the age of the person, that is, each can progressively realize this visual problem.

We need to know that being an age-generated problem no one can prevent it. But if we must be aware that once we realize that we have it we have to take measures to avoid the discomfort that can cause the symptoms of the visual defect.

Glasses are the best option to recover total vision in nearby objects. You could say that in Didinsky we define ourselves as: We are color! We love colors and we think we have perfect Didinskys for everyone.

We love that people wear glasses, as they are a gadget that can make a person unique and can also transmit different sensations. With presbyopia glasses you can solve the symptoms that do not let you enjoy special moments.


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