Anti-reflective lenses improve vision by reducing eye strain and making glasses more attractive.

The maximum benefitcomes from the ability of anti-reflective lenses to virtually eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lenses.

Without these reflections, more light passes through the lenses, as this greatly optimizes visual precision with far fewer obstacles and the lenses are invisible. This helps greatly improve your appearance by drawing attention to your eyes and helping you make better eye contact.

Currently, anti-reflective lenses can practically eliminate the reflection of light in the lenses of the glasses, in such a way that they allow the passage of 99.5% of the available light through the lenses and its entry into the eye to achieve a very good vision.

Another benefit that must be taken into account once reflections are eliminated is that the glasses look almost invisible, this makes people can see their eyes and their facial expressions much more clearly. These types of anti-reflective glasses are much more attractive, so you can see all the light reflections in a better way.

In terms of vision, another benefit that must be taken into account is that, with anti-reflective lenses, vision is much sharper and with less glare when driving at night, that produces greater clarity. The same happens when it is used in front of a computer.

Anti-reflective lenses are also a very good idea for sunglasses, since what they do is eliminate the reflection that the sun produces in the eyes. This is done from the back surface of the lenses when the sun is behind you.

When cleaning anti-reflective glasses, you should only use the products recommended by your professional. Using chemicals to clean the glass can damage the glass.

Also, do not try to clean without first moistening them. Using a dry cloth on dry glass can cause scratches on the glass. If this happens, you can damage the glass to which the anti-reflective lens would then eliminate the function of these.